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MarCom/Content/Technology: Consultancy and Strategy. Editorial and Graphic Content. Web and App Development.

25 + years of experience helping companies to grow.

Marcomtec brings 25+ years of experience to the table. We are dynamic writers, designers, and ninja developers. We disrupt to get to innovative results.

Brands are storytellers. Our clients are engaging leaders in their marketplaces. How? By using compelling content. Sharp plans and outstanding results define us.


About Us



We are influential content creators. Powerful writers, designers, and developers, productive artists. Highly motivated people.

Pioneers always trying unconventional ideas and innovative technologies; we love taking challenges in different markets.

We mix art and technology; we make the best of both worlds.

We are irreverent creators and our client’s trusted partners.



Advanced Storytelling + Technology

Strategy Planning

Editorial Content

Graphic   Content

Web/Apps Design & Development


Samples of Our Work


Corporate website translation to Spanish. This is a crucial initiative to reach the region.


Corporate website design and development. Websote content in English and Spanish.

Pet Concepts

An online solution to support Mexican dogs and cats to get a fureverrr home.

Tshegetsang Tebelelo

A simple but very attractive website for a new author and her best-selling book “Lebo.”

Obama Care Facts

The Spanish speaking population in the US also need to learn about ObamaCare, because we care, we translate it.

D.J. Swykert

Website development. A showcase for his best-selling eight novels.


We Work With The Best All Around the World

My website was a disaster; I told Monica if she could help me and it was a relief.

In short time, I had all the information reviewed and updated, ALL the photos were added with dynamism and in the correct place; she designed a more formal yet modern layout, and she is always looking to help me.

Thanks, Monica, it’s a great job, I am thrilled.

Josefina Martin Olcina

CEO and Founder, Pet Concepts and Fundacion Pet Concepts




Coronavirus, a DX Challenge from the CEO’s Chair

We share our planet with the Coronavirus, that's an undeniable fact. So, apart from creating a vaccine, we should accept that it will stay. I don't need to tell you how many sick ones we have worldwide; the number changes every day, you can see it in the news. CEOs...

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Easily Comply the CAN-SPAM Act

I am sure you use email in your business, we all do. Most of us even use email to promote our products and services. Perhaps you remember, in the past, companies used to purchase or rent a database to then send them their promotional emails or newsletters. Some of...

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