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Trabajar con Marcomtec / Magic Masterminds es dejar de preocuparte y estar al pendiente de que sucedan las cosas.
Ellos se encargan de todo, y puedes confiar que al final todo estará de la mejor calidad. Muy comprometidos y muy involucrados en su trabajo. Es un placer trabajar con ellos.

Working with Marcomtec / Magic Masterminds means to leave everything in their hands; they create and materialize your ideas. They put every detail together; you can trust on a high-quality outcome in the end. Marcomtec staff is incredibly committed and involved with the work. It’s a pleasure to work with them. www.alvatrix.com

Jorge de la Garza

Socio Fundador, Alvatrix

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Services for Companies

Marketing Studio. Having a team looking at your products and services from the outside is like having a focus group always at your service. More.

Copywriting Studio. Here is where your team of copywriters are creating… It’s where you have your sales team in print! More.

Tanslation Studio. Here is where your power to reach the trillion dollars Hispanic segment with targeted campaigns resides. More.

Design & Development Studio. A money making copy deserves a money making design. A nice presentation makes miracles! More.

Monica has been an amazing asset to our company. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, she does flawless work, at a fair price. We will use her services again, not just for the quality of her work, but the quality of her character.

Tom DeMichele

Co-owner ObamaCareFacts.com, DogMedia Solutions

Services for Self-Publishers

Edition Studio. Our editorial review considers your story’s organization, flow and transitions; we evaluate the sentences structure and presentation. More.

Graphics Studio. A team of illustrators and designers to create the best cover for your book. Your step by step guide to develop your website like a Pro! More.

eBook Format Studio. We now you want the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to have your book formatted and deployed and in comply with all the retailers. More.

A / V Studio. An audio book is a whole new way to enjoy a book. Professional narration from top performers, and celebrities, to bring your book to life. More.

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Your Next Big Marketing Opportunity: The U.S. Hispanics in Spanish

Lately the Hispanic consumer segment is on the radar of every Fortune 500 CMO. These are the facts and a good reason to invest in it: a 163% increase in Hispanic population between 2010 and 2050, this means the 30% of the population by 2050. One trillion dollars in buying power in 2010, rising to $1.5 trillion next year, an increase of 50% in five years which is now!

From Best Seller to Collection…

Back in 2010, D.J. Swykert published his thriller novel “Children of the Enemy”, he never knew the kind of events this would bring to his life. Since the beginning, this book got the thriller fans attention; a review in Amazon describes it as “not recommended for children under 16 or weak…

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