Monica Paul
Monica Paul
MCT Founder – SVP Marketing at The Divine Saga Studios

My business started differently, one day my management dreamed job disappeared; I was unemployed and in need of income, so I started freelancing, doing what I know the best, Marketing. That happened back in 2001.

Lately in 2017, I joined The Divine Saga Studios taking my brand Marcomtec with me.

Now, I am the voice behind the Marketing coaching and together with Kevin and The Divine Saga Studios, we make a great team, we have added extra power to our services exponentially..

My Purpose: For those who know me, I help companies to reach their full-potential sales and brand positioning online with sharp marketing strategies.

Yes! I am ready to help you break your Glass Ceiling and fly high.

My Mission: End your stress by helping you to take your business online, and achieve your maximum profit potential.

My Story: I have shared my marketing knowledge and experience with companies and individuals for more than two decades first as an employee, then as an entrepreneur. Clients like Progress Software, Ventyx now ABB, Extreme Networks, Kaseya, LabTech Software, Sterling Commerce, Embarcadero Technologies, Gateway (now part of IBM), FICO, Alvatrix, Guiar, and many others that have reached new markets and convert new customers with my help.

I have developed dozens of strategies and campaigns.

As a Marketing Coach, I am honored to be a co-host and an invited speaker at the “Women’s Business Success Virtual Summit,” and other presentations with brilliant women.

Together with The Divine Saga Studios, Marcomtec not only provides Marketing and Web Development; we have the ability to deliver high-end technology services, Apps development and all kinds of programming services.

I feel honored to be an entrepreneur and to have Kevin as my partner.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Kevin Cantrell
Kevin Cantrell
CEO and  Founder at The Divine Saga Studios

Kevin went into the Army straight out of high school and made a brilliant career in the military. He served with Special Operations Command and deployed throughout the world. Kevin served in the first Gulf War, Kosovo, and many other deployments.

Upon being medically retired from the military, Kevin went to college. He earned a degree in Network Administration and was hired by Outback Steakhouse to work in their IT department.

Kevin’s natural leadership skills, determination and knowledge allowed him to rise to the position of IT Manager over a large staff.

From there, he served as an IT Manager and Consultant with a number of other companies.

Kevin harnessed his time to the most to achieve a degree in database management and programming, then he decided to use his knowledge and experience to go into something that was his real passion, 3D animation. So, he took numerous courses and worked on a diversity of projects which has led him to creating his own company.

Kevin started The Divine Saga Studios bringing a wide experience to the table.

Kevin holds a Degree in Network Administration; A.S. Degree in Programming and Database Design, Programming languages include Java, C#, .NET.

His experience with Databases includes MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL. Kevin is ITIL Certified.


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