Marcomtec aka MCT; delivers value to companies.

Up to the present time, MCT’s services are always defined by sharp marketing strategies and plans; this way we commit to creating the messages that best fit your business, and the appropriate mix of activities to reach your goals.

Twenty years ago, we began with traditional marketing, PR, and event organizing services; from time to time we have added new services. Presently, we have evolved to deliver the most innovative marketing tools and services ever.

As a result, we have become a highly technological company putting together strategy, creativity, and technology. However, we keep our core purpose:


Integrate with your marketing team.

Partner with you from the very first strategy up to the final execution of the selected activities with the sole objective to help you to prosper.

Take you to the “Internet of Companies” era.

Make you a Prosperous – Powerful – Pioneer business.

Our clients are our priority, for this reason, we decided to make these significant changes. We have moved to the digital era to help you to create a compelling presence on the Internet.

To us, your presence on the net is not about the Internet of Things. It is about the Internet of Companies.


We have created the concept “Internet of Companies”; which represents all the activities that a company performs on the Internet. Same as the “Things,” companies are connected to the Internet.

A robust marketing strategy makes a compelling and powerful website. In essence, the kind of site that becomes the core of your Internet activities.

Subsequently, your website becomes the distribution center to:

– Get new customer and leads databases.
– Launch online campaigns.
– Create a community and communicate with its members.
– Demonstrate your expertise and wisdom in your market.
– Position your brand within your target markets.
– Get referrals and be recommended.
– Give awesome customer care.

Finally, increase your sales and thrive.

In short, be part ot the Internet of Companies.


Prosperous   Powerful   Pioneer


Our Mission is to end the stress of entrepreneurs, and individuals by offering companies, freelancers, and authors a complete set of Web Solutions to take their products and services to the Internet, and show their full-potential; to make them Prosperous, Powerful, and Pioneers.

Marcomtec promotes value and prosperity with our community of clients, providers, employees, and owners.

At Marcomtec we aim to promote value and prosperity with our community of clients, providers, employees, and owners.

We achieve this because we team with our clients to create enchanting marketing strategies. As a result, we can create compelling websites; which are the core of powerful marketing and sales campaigns that enchant your customers.

Due to MCT’s owners’ commitment to bringing a valuable team of exceptional strategists, writers, designers, and developers; customers can trust that they will have the best experience in creating their online presence and campaigns ever.

Above all, we value our multi-disciplinary team; we cherish their time, skills, and experience.

Thanks to our owners, team, clients, and providers, MCT has the power to be a Prosperous – Powerful – Pioneer organization on the Internet of Companies.

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