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Monica Paul

Monica Paul

Founder & CEO

Talk about Marcomtec is to talk about Monica.

I am a marketer, I have been a marketer for more than 20 years. I have done campaigns I love, others I do not like that much. But campaigns have always given the expected results.

With this experience, now I can tell what is best for you and your products. I can handle your marketing worldwide. I have people here helping me to help you. It is an excellent team of experts in Graphic Design, Web Development, Marketing campaigns, Translation, Sales.

I work with projects in many countries, but my company and my team are American, so I always charge American Dollars – I have had people questioning Why dollars?

My passion divides into relationships with my beloved clients and readers, and my writing.

Hire me as a Copywriter or Ghostwriter. I take freelance copywriting and ghostwriting projects when I fall in love with them.

Projects with me start at USD $1,000

When hiring me, please consider this:

  • I ask a lot of questions so that I can know deeply about your business and I can enchant your customers, get more leads, and help you grow your business
  • I don’t polish texts. I do take those projects, but they go straight to the editor’s hands
  • I hate the “industry cliches,” don’t expect me to write phrases like state-to-art, industry-leader, best-in-class, etc. Hire me to write simple colloquial language that converts.
  • I don’t do as you say. I am an expert and irreverent copywriter, so expect honest feedback to your suggestions.
  • I don’t write overnight.
  • I carefully choose the projects that are for me, those I don’t like but love.

I have ghostwritten articles for dozens of C-level executives, case studies and success stories for two handfuls of companies; as well as PRs, website content, and many other pieces in both English and Spanish.

Monica has been an amazing asset to our company. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, she does flawless work, at a fair price. We will use her services again, not just for the quality of her work, but the quality of her character.

Tom DeMichele

Co-owner ObamaCareFacts.com, DogMedia Solutions

No, I do not translate from one language to the other. English speaking countries do business differently than the Latino ones. And companies doing business in those regions need different copywriting, even for the same product.

I’m irreverent, perhaps that’s why I have my own business and my beloved team.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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