Copywriting is a skill and a talent; writing is considered an art. When content and SEO come together to help you to show your products and services in a way that your audience engage and easily find them on the web; Copywriting is VALUE! A direct path to be…

Prosperous – Powerful – Pioneer


“What creates value for your clients?”

A real copywriter goes deep into your company, your brand, your products, and your services; @he wants to know your market to the foundation. Good copywriters ask a lot of questions to then create.

Persuasive writing is one of the highest value we can offer you. At Marcomtec we break the rules to create the content that enchants your customers.


  • Creating high-value content that achieves business goals as if search engines didn’t exist.
  • Writing sales content that persuades without pushing
  • Including killer titles and subtitles
  • Getting to your customers’ emotions to then justify their investment
  • Inspiring your readers to follow your blog
  • Building your voice, as we strengthen your authority in your market
  • Giving your business the enchanting personality that is a magnet for clients
  • Using smart aligned SEO copywriting in every piece of content
  • Adding your content a personality, consistency, integrity, continuity, and the tone to get your customers’ attention

Beyond the power of your products’ and services’ features, we give your business that unique personality that enchants your customers. You always feel comfortable and supported by a real expert who won’t judge and will be always kind and receptive to their needs:


We achieve this by choosing the right words, sentence length, and rhythm. How? By turning words into a powerful phrasing that encourages a conversation, and exchange of ideas where you sound like you. But most importantly, we achieve this by being really close to you and your business.

Alter Writing

Our team believes in integration. So, we write, audit, edit, and proofread your content. Moreover, we can do it in English and also in Spanish.

“Did you know that you have a trillion dollar Hispanic segment only in the United States?”

Yes, you do! Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States.

Only 25% of this market speaks English in their household. Have you thought about expanding your operations to sell your products in Latin America and Spain?

This is a good reason to team with Marcomtec; we are your multi-lingual and multi-cultural partner.

And we also help you with English/Spanish/English translations of brochures, white papers, manuals, case studies, articles and any other piece you need.

SEO Copy Writing

We know you want SEO writing. You want Google to love you, right? Your business is working for a profit, having a website filled with products and services is not a hobby.

“You want to make a living from your business, and not any living, you want a nice lifestyle. Yeah, so do I…”

Okay, you want to drive traffic to your business, show your expertise; of course, you want to be friends with Google.

And here is the question.

How to seduce the sacred algorithm, that changes to its will, to send traffic your way?

No one knows, and Google is not willing to tell you. It all seems too confusing, too hard.

The answer is to put together some technology while developing your website with an SEO friendly content. It’s a little thinking out of the box, of course.

Here is how we do that.

We select the keywords that define your business and your market. It’s not a matter of liking them, but of having a research to align your content with the market slang.

Our experts write or edit your content using your market keywords and slang the more we can. Undoubtedly, your customers feel much comfortable if reading a friendly content; as if they were chatting with you.

SEO and more SEO Content

Google loves bloggers, starting a blog on your website may be considered a good SEO.

A blog increases the number of pages on your website which can hold several long tail keywords.

What is a long tail keyword? It is a short phrase with more than three words like an SEO-friendly marketing plan. The more keywords you can target, the more traffic your post will drive. And most importantly, the more your website appears on the searches.

We use these same keywords along the website itself. Look at it this way, to have a good SEO content for your website and blog you just have to join the keywords and long tail keywords with other descriptive and linking words into a friendly, coherent, sequential text. Easy!

A good SEO includes other elements like internal and external links; and a well-configured engine connection your site with Google. But those duties belong to another area within Marcomtec.

To Succeed and be Prosperous – Powerful – Pioneer, use the Fs of FRIENDLY AND FOCUS!

The Internet is like the Universe; your community is your focus within this vast space. Being SEO-friendly and Audience-friendly are almost the same. The friendlier and focused your content is, the most traffic it will attract, so we:

Research the Target Your Audience: Writing for crowds is not a good idea. Start a conversation instead. We get to know your customer. We consider that each comment or email you get is an opportunity for a conversation.

Empathize: We focus on showing that you really understand your customers’ needs and problems.

Make You Look Incredibly Helpful: Your blogs and website content itself is addressing some of the most common problems and needs of your customers. We want them to see that you care about making them happier, healthier, prosperous, pioneers.

Show Your Energy: Your website transmits your positive energy.

Use Familiar Language: Using friendly words from the industry; actually the same words that your customers use. This also improves your website’s readability.

Make Your Content Scannable: Not by copy/paste. But by showing the main ideas with sparkling clickable subtitles and bullets.

Focus on One Big Topic: Each web pages holds one big topic, just one. We want your customers to stay aligned with your products and services.

Include Links to Referrals: This is super useful to show your achievements and happy clients.

Use Outside Links: This is an SEO best practice that also shows your customer you have a place in the industry.

We always suggest to answer your customers’ questions even before they ask; Google will reward you with traffic from your keyboard’s search.

Yeah, SEO-friendly is Audience-friendly. Make Google fall in love with you with the appropriate SEO content.

The technicians will take care of the rest.

Because yes, code matters.

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