Creative minds have so many ideas to share! Businessmen with incredible money-making skills. Consultants that know exactly what to do to make businesses grow. Scientists and Doctors with awesome discoveries to help people. The list is endless.

Many of these geniuses do not have time or skills to write the way they would like to write. Here we are to help!


Ghostwriting turns out to be the best option for people who are willing to share valuable ideas; however, they lack the time, or skills to put them in written. As a highly creative person, working with a ghostwriter, you can have benefits beyond the final content.

We aim to help you develop clarity about your story, business, or brand. Explaining and even acting your ideas to your ghost certainly make you articulate and clarify—something perhaps you don’t often take the time to do. Then we can team with you to create compelling written content (like an article or a book) that flows smoothly and effortlessly.

Authenticity becomes a dynamic activity. Your final book is far from being authentic, simply because your ghost’s bond with you is so strong and transparent at the same time; that your ideas will be shown fresh and clear.



How it works

  1. Initial meeting (in person or video conference)
  2. Proposal: The ghostwriter sends a project proposal
  3. First Book outline
  4. Interviews (in person or video conference)
  5. Expanded book outline
  6. Book draft
  7. Author revision
  8. Editing and publishing

Ideally, you and your ghost should have at least one meeting in person unless this is not possible.

Having your book ghostwritten is an investment!

Don’t be surprised by the prices below, ghostwriting is not cheap. The return, though, indeed surpasses the investment. While many writers often do not make much money in book sales, publishing a great book will give a real ROI, better said, engagements, and even an entirely new business or life opportunity.

As published authors, we have the experience, both from publishing our books and watching the success of dozens of clients over the years.

Marcomtec is your team to help you write your Book. We aim to make your writing and publishing process smooth and effortless.