Marketing Strategy – Business Personality Towards Income

You are here because you yearn a thriving company with a powerful Marketing Strategy and a stunning personality that attracts clients and converts them by dozens, like honey and bees, a full-potential business that surpasses your income expectations.

“Ohhhh! I know this is it; so let me tell you that you are in the right place, at the right moment; most importantly, you are on the right path.”

Your business is alive, it breathes and needs to be nurtured to give you the results–income– you want.

Therefore, the element that turns out to be a crucial part of your organization’s backbone is a Marketing Strategy. It is embedded into your annual business plan. And also attached to your sales plan.

This Marketing Strategy is an exquisite custom made suite just for your business which gives it that so long yearned personality that makes it unique and different from all your competitors. It puts together your organization’s purpose and goals into a comprehensive Marketing Plan; so that you achieve your maximum profit and positioning potentials being…

Prosperous – Powerful – Pioneer

With this said, let me tell you what we do for you and your business, step by step:

1. Define Your Business’ Personality, Purpose, and Message

An effective Marketing Strategy defines your business’ personality:

Vision: Explains the purpose of your business, who you are, your skills and benefits of your service to your community.

Mission: Tells your community the way your team and you will fulfill your purpose to be of service with your products and services.

This way you can deliver a purposeful, engaging message to your market in a unique way. Moreover, your comprehensive and coherent voice attracts customers and converts.

2. Get to Know Your Clients

The clients and markets you want to reach should be equally important to you as your current clients. In order to get to know your clients and prospects, you need to answer the following questions:

Who are your target customers?

How are you going to reach your target customers?

How are you going to retain these customers?

A Market Research is undoubtedly advised to get real answers. Figuring them out is poorly advised.

The accurate and detailed answer to these questions outlines the further steps to take your business–its products–its services to the appropriate markets, using the adequate voice.

3. Marketing Mix

A Marketing Mix is a set of controllable, tactical tools integrated to deliver your message and speak your voice; so that you can get the desired response from your recipients.

In short, the Marketing Mix is everything that you can do to influence demand for your product/services.

It is important to realize that a well designed Marketing Mix is based on the 4Ps.

Product – Price – Place – Promotion

The adequate Marketing Mix is crucial to reach conversions. Nowadays there are unlimited digital and traditional possibilities like mailing, social media, events, AdWords, traditional advertising, and many others. Therefore, wise decisions are meant to optimize your results and your budget.

Are you aware of the best tools to reach your customers?

An effective Marketing Mix includes parallel strategies that leverage its power to reach and convert your target customers.

Promotion: Includes pricing, trials, specific timing, etc.

Positioning: Specific activities aimed to position your brand in your customers’ brain

PR: A good PR strategy can bring enormous benefits to your company; it can place early stage companies on the map faster.

Referrals: One of the best, yet easiest ways to get new clients is the referral of existing customers. Get references should be part of your regular conversion process.

4. Content & Conversion

As buyers and communities evolve, same do the markets. Some consumers are fans of the Internet of Companies and the eCommerce. Some others prefer the traditional way. One way or another, they have become more independent and self-directed. Nevertheless, they are still led by emotions and trust.

Competitive companies have turned to powerful content to charge the Marketing Strategy.

Company’s websites and blogs have become sources for research and decision making to customers; shortly said; 

“An Experience That Defines Your Brand.” 

Therefore, high quality, well-organized content is crucial to bring buyers to your site and convert them.

Once engaged by your website, a buyer is likely to stay and research deeper; get in touch, and finally convert into your client.

The key is to have a well designed, easy to navigate website with compelling content and handy CTAs (call-to-action) to bring buyers to your net and convert them. As you can see, Content and Conversion go together.

5. Budget

The last stage of the Marketing Plan is a budget, usually budgets run in parallel with the revenue and should be revised quarterly.

Ideally, your budget will be a percentage of your income and should be considered as an investment. If you invest $16k, you should bring at least $400k. In other words, you re-invest a 4% of your revenue in Marketing. This cycle is intended to become a virtuous circle where your business grows steadily.

Marketing and Sales are intended to team and work together to achieve the sales goals; therefore the Marketing Budget.

Digital Strategy

The Marketing has evolved, so have Marketing Strategies. In order to be competitive enough, your business needs to be part of the Internet of Companies.

The Internet of Companies is that place where your desired audiences reach your business by all the possible electronic means. You are there on the Internet, always present, always available; you give the best customer experience which defines your brand more extensively than your logo does.

An effective Digital Marketing Strategy turns your website into a powerful sales tool where buyers can get the decision making information to stay and choose your products or services; then finally, convert to your customers.

Of course, a good Marketing Strategy includes more than one element, and this is why we decided to be a multi-disciplinary team.

This way we can create your strategy, plan or audit your website; create or edit compelling content using SEO best practices. Our next step is to design or redesign an enchanting layout for your site and all your web elements; finally, we develop your website with the latest technology tools and features to attract your so desired customers. SEO is a crucial element, not only for your website but all your marketing tools, SEO here, SEO there, SEO everywhere! Consequently, your business is found here, there, anywhere.

We create or edit your content around the keyword terms that perfectly describe your products and services.

Please note that pseudo-experts who offer to get your website to the first Google page in four days without paying a dime, are lying. Google gives Best Practices for SEO.

These elements, developed and used in its logical order, are the foundation of a Marketing Plan that defines your company’s personality, your roadmap to success.

From your Marketing Strategy up to your customer’s engagement and conversion; let’s talk about taking your business to be…

Prosperous – Powerful – Pioneer

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