Magic MasterMinds starts its operations with four artists, DJ Swykert, Cezarija Abartis,Young Dinero, and Odette Farrell, in the Literature, Music, and Painting tabs respectively

Orlando, Fla., October 25, 2012 –– Magic MasterMinds, a website dedicated to be an online showcase for artists’ work, announces it is fully available and 100% functional. Magic MasterMinds starts its operation with four artists covering Literature, Music and Painting.

In the Literature tab, Magic MasterMinds welcomes DJ Swykert, a best seller author launching the second edition of “Children of the Enemy”, a thriller novel, either in ebook and printed versions; and “Alpha Wolves” a romance novel, in ebook format. “Children of the Enemy’s” first edition ebook was already rated a best seller. And Cezarija Abartis, author of the book “Nice Girls and Other Stories”. Cezarija is also the “Winner of the Minnesota Voices Award for Fiction”.

In the Music tab, Magic MasterMinds is supporting a brand new rap, and dance hall musician, Young Dinero, a Nigerian rapper whose first single, “Kpangolo”, is positioning in the African and European markets with a unique style full of positive energy and rhythm.

In the Painting tab, Magic MasterMindsproudly announces Odette Farrell, a successful painter whose source of inspiration is the human body. Odette is based in London, U.K., and has exhibited her paintings in Europe, Asia, and Mexico City where she is from. Odette has been awarded in China, Ireland, Mexico, and Spain.

“I feel very excited about launching Magic MasterMinds, we will be launching new services for the artist to help them with their promotion, our goal is to put at their reach a complete set of marketing tools to help them promoting their work at an affordable price.” Said Monica Paul, Managing Director in Marcomtec Group and creator of the Magic MasterMinds. “Magic Masterminds is powered by Marcomtec Group, our full service marketing agency with 20 years of experience giving marketing and PR services, it works as the marketing engine to support the services provided by Magic Masterminds in a business model that any artist can reach.”

“Being a Magic Mastermindsauthor has helped me promoting my book “Children of the Enemy”. Said D.J. Swykert. “They took it to the top ten Omnilit’s best seller list in 10 days.”

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