Web Audit Studio

Is your website giving you the expected results?

Is your website helping to get more clients?

Are you having a Return of your Investment?

All these needs creativity, a wide vision, and a well-developed website.

We can audit your website and give you the key information to turn it into a sales machine.

We want you to have a Zen life released of stress and worries.

This is how we help you to achieve this. Marcomtec performs your site-wide web content reviews; a professional service that tells you the status of your website and how to make it attractive and productive:

  • We examine each web page’s text and use of SEO (Search Engine
    Optimization) keywords, looking for barriers to success and opportunities
    for improvement
  • We report on these problem areas and offer solutions to boost performance
  • We recommend a detailed content improvement strategy to lift your
    website traffic and sales conversion rates
  • We help you to make the most of this opportunity for client prospecting

Imagine. A completely healed website that becomes a money making tool for your business. And a source of passive income.

Visually attractive… Communicating your messages accurately… Profitable…

Unfortunately, we have found out that most companies have no idea why their websites aren’t working as they hoped.

They’re frustrated that their websites don’t show up in search engines … that they’re not getting the online sales they expected. And, they sure don’t know how to fix their websites. These companies are anxious to find answers … FAST.

An undeniable fact is that every website needs creative strategists and copywriters behind.

Have you ever seen at your website through a new “diagnostic-prescriptive” approach?

When you look at your website with this lens you can recognize if it:

  • Attracts clients like crazy because your web content and strategy performance are highly efficient…
  • You have a clear insight view to your strengths and weaknesses and can solve the problems that prevent you from getting more traffic and a money making website
  • Open new opportunities to show your products and services benefits. And increases your client’s base.

I am talking about our all-new “Site Audit”. This means giving you: Reports. Suggestions. Strategies.

The report of the status of your website content includes:

  1. Measure your content against three core elements of successful website copywriting
  2. Identify barriers and opportunities to improve on each web page
  3. Evaluate your three main competitors websites for strengths and weaknesses to help you rise above your competition.
  4. Provide a checklist and screen shots that point out the problems and opportunities areas.
  5. Provide a list of suggestions and strategies for each problem detected.

I am sure you would like to know why your website is not showing in the search engines. Why you are not getting sales from it as expected. The all-new “Site Audit” can give you answers FAST!

“I felt supported since the planning until the post event – the high expertise and experience of the local market and the local needs, combined with the commitment to the budget assigned, were the key factors for a successful launch in Mexico City. Flexibility, Expertise and Teamwork were a strong differentiation and I would definitely consider Marcomtec for any future projects”

Vanessa Svib

Marketing Manager, Security Marketing, , Sourcefire / Cisco

GUIAR. Generates leads to sell IT Security Solutions.

Mexico, 2013 – 2017

Alvatrix. Attracts leads to sell IT Solutions and Services.

Mexico, 2016 – 2017

Marcomtec is your team to help you to analyze, create, and design the perfect site.