Web Plan

Was your website developed under a strategy?

Are you having a Return on the Investment you did on your website?

Did you consider all the little details to have your website ready to grow with you at any point?

Imagine: A website that is a money making tool for your business. And a source of passive income.

A Web Plan aligns your sales and marketing strategy with your website to make it an extension of your store.

First I examine your marketing and/or sales plan to define a Web Plan then:

I describe the elements and content to add to the homepage and secondary web pages.

  • Company web pages: about, management, careers, etc
  • Web pages of products, services, solutions, etc.
  • Contact webpages, autoresponders
  • Downloadable documents
  • I make a list of SEO Keywords
  • I give you suggestion for every web page URL
  • I give you a map with all the web pages and links to visually identify each element of the website

Your website’s plan also becomes a checklist for your site developer. This list includes notable features like:

  • The appropriate SEO tools to assure your site will always be in the search machines
  • The analytics requirements
  • The advertisement features’ possibilities or requirements
  • eCommerce features
  • Security and communication features

And other technical functions that your web developer would need to consider.

You want a website that is visually attractive. You want it to communicate your message and to be friendly to your clients.

Your website needs to include specific elements that turn it into a clients’ magnet:

  • I suggest you how to use the appropriate logo, symbols, and tags
  • I make suggestions for the most suitable images
  • I define a brief and elements of the ideal content

It’s undeniable that every website needs a strategist first and then copywriters, creative designers, and developers behind.

Have you ever seen at your site through a new “strategic” approach?

  • When you look at your site, and it’s planning with this lens, you can make sure it:
  • Will attract clients like crazy because your web content and strategy performance are highly efficient…
  • You have a clear insight view to your strengths and weaknesses to efficiently solve the problems that could prevent you from getting the traffic you planned, and a money making website
  • You make sure your website opens new opportunities to show your products and services benefits. It increases your client’s base.

Whether you want to develop a brand new website or you want to redesign your existing one, I am sure you want your site.

I am confident that you want your site to be efficient since the very beginning. You want to get leads and sales from it. It is also a powerful brand positioning tool. All you need is a Thoughtful Web Plan as your first step in this digital adventure.

Some examples of websites we’ve planned.

Trabajar con Marcomtec / Magic Masterminds es dejar de preocuparte y estar al pendiente de que sucedan las cosas.
Ellos se encargan de todo, y puedes confiar que al final todo estará de la mejor calidad. Muy comprometidos y muy involucrados en su trabajo. Es un placer trabajar con ellos.

Working with Marcomtec / Magic Masterminds means to leave everything in their hands; they create and materialize your ideas. They put every detail together; you can trust on a high-quality outcome in the end. Marcomtec staff is incredibly committed and involved with the work. It’s a pleasure to work with them. www.alvatrix.com

Jorge de la Garza

Socio Fundador, Alvatrix

Marcomtec goes beyond to help you with your design and web development; this includes electronic layout and format for your manuals and eBooks.