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Monica Paul

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Your Ideal Designer Does not Like, But LOVE YOUR BOOK!

Do you know what is the first thing a reader sees when purchasing a book? Of course, you know! The cover, and this what makes it that important. Let me explain why.

Let’s say Dana is an avid reader looking for a new kind of story. She likes romance, but she also likes action; she is looking for something different, perhaps historical romance with some action.


So, Dana visits her preferred bookstore, for obvious reasons, best-sellers are the first titles she sees. No, Dana wants to explore new fresh authors and styles. All of the sudden POP! There is a cover that calls her attention. The image clearly tells her it is romance story with action out of the conventional; she can read a blurb and even a review.


Guess what! Dana does not know the author. But she decides to give this writer a chance, so she purchases the book just guided by the powerful cover, which is giving her a good feeling about the book. There’s another book from this author, apparently a sequel, but Dana decides to try this one book before spending more money.


Let me tell you that three weeks later, Dana is back to the bookstore looking for the sequel. She has recommended this book to her friends.


I can not lie. The book Dana read and recommended is not listed in the best-sellers, but it is in a better position.

Not only the attractive and informational cover is helping the author to feed and leverage a larger readers platform. But, is helping the writer to get recognition and of course more sales.

I am sure that as a writer, you feel that publishing your book whether traditionally or self-published, is like living an adventure. Think of the process of releasing your new precious story, it has taken you months and even years to be ready to share it with the audience. It is like giving birth! And your book cover is part of this adventure.

So, which are the elements that make your cover mesmerizing to your beloved target readers?

  1. Emotion: The cover as a whole, but especially the image conveys an emotion. Your reader can feel the story and its characters. Your cover is a door slightly opened, inviting to find the secrets on the other side.
  2. Intention: Your intention is aligned with the designer’s intention. It is there, captured into your book’s cover. It is strong; it holds a message. Your target readers feel attracted to your book through its cover.
  3. Message: Your message is loud and clear. Your designer has the ability to reflect it on your book’s cover.
  4. Creativity: Your chosen designer empathizes with you. This subtle feeling leads your graphic artist to create not only a cover but a visual concept you can use to market your book.
  5. Skills: The designer working on your cover possess the skills and expertise to work with different graphic styles, techniques, and tools to create your cover.

You certainly know, my friend designer, that you are working with an artist and a storyteller. And you, my dear author, you are working with a graphic artist. Temperament may arise at every second! Empathy, patience, and tolerance are required to work harmoniously and get the desired result.

Let me explain, the more the book and its cover succeeds, the more recognition the author and the designer get. In business terms, this is a mutual benefit.

And now comes the best part, the results. This subtle link between the author and the book cover designer turns out to be the imprinted magnet that attracts readers to the book. Recognition and money are the obvious outcomes. But most importantly is the satisfaction you feel each time you see your book available in a bookstore.


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