Monica Paul

Monica Paul

Yes, you need to prove your offer is better than your competitors’. Yes, numbers always make a competitive advantage clear as crystal. Numbers give your prospects practical information about your products and services.

However, when talking about 10 million or 12 million opportunities, the difference is minimal. If you were a prospect what would pique your interest better?

  • 2 million prospects
  • Every person/company that fits your product or service over description

This is a matter of opinion, but I have seen that stories sell much more than numbers.
Beloved users, clients, readers; you name them. They want to know how others benefit or enjoy your offer, rather than a silent number of people who already have it.

Oh yes! Your book is a “Best Seller” with 1 million copies sold in the last six months. Good for you! But, What is it that is going to make me become your 1 million and one sales? Being a best seller doesn’t mean it is the kind of book I enjoy. I can name a dozen best sellers that I don’t catch my attention.

Don’t tell me you have sold 1 million copies in 180 days; tell me more, tell me your story.

Are You Telling Me to Ignore the Numbers?

No! I didn’t say such thing. I said I would like you to tell me your story first. Granularity and credibility then become crucial. Tell me what is there inside your book that will keep me reading page after page until dawn. What is there in your coaching service offer that represents the real positive change I would like to have in whatever your area of expertise.

Consider this, if I am here, it’s because I’m interested in what you have to say. Come on, say it!

The Story Is Always More Important

Fundamentally, what takes beyond your competitors is what proves that, at the core, you fulfill your customers’ needs better than them. It doesn’t matter what product or service you offer. A granular and credible story always makes the difference.

Your offer doesn’t have to be a ‘need,’ it can be ‘want’; you have the ability to transform it into an emotional ‘need.’ You know what I mean. I certainly don’t need your book to live, but I do want to read it. I can’t wait one more day to read it, so I buy it and become your 1million and one sale.

Your story was so substantial and credible that I couldn’t resist the temptation. And as the icing on the cake of the magnificent story that hooks me, you have sold 1 million books in only 180 days. Awesome!

I can go to any physical and online store, and I will find the same. A book with a remarkable story and credible story supported by numbers.

In a nutshell, what I am saying is that to go beyond your competitors; your best strategy is to have a detailed analysis of your market to be then able to develop a granular and credible story supported by numbers.

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