Monica Paul

Monica Paul

The other day I went to get a coffee with an old friend. He was intrigued.

“Why is your schedule so flexible? What do you do for a living?”

“I am a copywriter,” I replied.

“What is exactly a copywriter?” He asked.

I wanted to reply in the easiest way. So, let me explain.

Simply put, a copywriter is a “salesperson in print.” And, by the way, I don’t have a fixed schedule for writing. I know how to handle my timing and deliveries.

My friend is a financial consultant; to get new clients, he looks for referrals and meets new people. He visits them. He makes his deals face-to-face. His schedule is very tight, though.

Contrary to that, my B2B copywriting clients don’t have the need to look for referrals or new prospects; which saves them a lot of time, and grants efficiency.

Most of my clients sell technology products or financial services. With them, I have continuous plans ongoing to bring leads to the table that they can evaluate before the sales executives move forward.

The Mix: Technical and Business Content

Yes, we have two markets inside each prospect or customer: The IT staff and the business team.

We generate content for both. My clients need to be able to explain the benefits of the IT solution they offer in business language as well as in technical terms.

Here is why the proposals and referrals become so important: to justify the investment to the finance decision makers. To explain in their terms that this new abilities and features are what the directors from different areas in the company have been requesting in the meetings.

Especially the proposal may be a first impact key factor.

The Goal is a Continuous Flow of Leads

Once we have the content, we establish our communication tools; which go from a productive website to specific online events like webinars and presentations, blog, social media, brochures, case studies, referrals and the proposals.

This way, I team with the client to assure that the sales executives have all the needed tools to take their prospects along their sales pipeline successfully.

Technology clients have very specific needs. As their copywriter and marketing consultant, I have to be always on top of them.

Using all the mentioned tools and others, we generate leads that they can take through an evaluation process to learn if they are ready to invest. Then the sales executives take them to their pipeline to offer a solution and close the deal. This powerful leads generation process optimizes their time and makes them more efficient.

Like every good copywriter, my goal is conversion. Push the prospects to take action, from that point; the sales guys can move forward.


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