The words Content,”Marketing,” and “Strategy” may be scary at times…

But they are not. They are your allies.

No! You won’t have to pay thousands. A lot of common sense and some professional guidance is all you need.

Design your Business Strategy to position your company and sell your products/services.

Get your content strategy is the answer to the “what,” “why,” and “how” of your brand and your products/services.

Compare your content to a compass pointing to your customer’s compass, showing them the path to your offering. You can’t overestimate its power and importance.

Your content crafting then deserves all your attention and devotion. Each word you choose, each image, is set to deliver value to your business.

Today I want to share with you nine steps that have proved to be incredibly powerful when creating high-quality content:

1. Have a Clear Mission Statement

Your Mission Statement defines your business in one single statement that answers these questions: What is your business mission or purpose? What are you willing to deliver? Why? How? Who is teaming with you?

As your client, tell me how you are going to help me, what value you are going to give me. Inspire me, talk to me about those topics I want to learn. See my priorities, my needs.

Then write all this down as if you were journaling, if you are clear about your business, your mission statement will pop up, and you will be ready to craft the content your customer want to read and see; this is the cornerstone of your content strategy.

Now that you have it, play with it, say it out loud, cab you easily remember it? How do you feel when you say it? Put it on your vision board. Feel it!

2. Set the Goals for Your Content Marketing

What goals are you targeting? Are you after positioning your brand? Or after increasing your sales? Your website traffic? Your blog audience? Your social media followers?

Be clear and very specific. How much do you think you can increase your sales? One digit, two digits percent?

3. Choose you Content Themes

Use keywords to define your products/services, make a list as long as you can. Then distribute your keywords into three to five columns by topics.

Focus the big picture, choose no more than three topics or themes, the broader ones so that you never run out of things to say. At the same time, try to be specific enough to catch your audience interest.

These three themes should always be related to your brand. For example, if I develop websites, my topics may be Strategy, Content, and Web Development.

Go from general to specific trying to reach that emotional part of your customers. Let them know you understand their feelings and want them to feel comfortable with you.

From here think of your brand in terms of words but also with images.

If possible, introduce your team of experts, allow them to shine with your clients by creating super specific content, always within your topics.

4. How to Relate to Your Audience

This is your “tone.” Do you want to teach? Inspire? You certainly want to persuade your audience. The question is how.

Personally, I like to talk to my audience as a friend and have a conversational tone. I don’t want to use an elevated language, on the contrary, I like to make it the easiest possible; I have a reason for this.

Web Development and Technology are sophisticated enough for me to add more stress to the situation.
A friendly relationship and conversation help my audience to relax and to move forward with their websites design or redesign projects.

Choose your tone, map your mission and articulate your message with your unique personality showing the values that represent and your business.

5. Create Different Content Formats

Your Marketing Plan already has a mix of tools and vehicles to deliver your content. These are your website, brochures, infographics, blog, mailing, social media post, and others you may have chosen.

They need different content formats.

While you may add a mix of graphics and written content to your website and blog; social media is perfect for images where the graphic itself becomes the content and holds your complete message.

Marketing is dynamic; if it doesn’t work, change it! Make it evolve until you captivate your audience.
Use polls, ask questions, get feedback, be responsive to your audience queries. Monitor your traffic and engagement levels.

Experiment with different content formats and tone, change the topics, be flexible and have fun! Your customers will appreciate it.

Contact me any time! Monica(at)

Monica Paul

Monica Paul

CEO Magic Masterminds/Marcomtec

Monica is a growth-oriented C-Level marketing executive, consultant, and advisor. For the last 20+ years, she has worked primarily with IT firms. She encompasses the strategic planning, qualitative and quantitative research, traditional and digital creative marketing plans, public relations, and promotion with the ability and skill to drive favorable results with innovative, enthusiastic, and forward-thinking leadership.

Monica’s business, Marcomtec was founded in 2001 and has evolved into a highly technological website planner and developer.

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