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I am Monica; Marcomtec’s founder, and CEO; advisor and mentor of “C” level executives.

I am a senior manager, entrepreneur, and storyteller with passion and drive to collaborate to help companies so that together we can create a better world.

With 25+ years of experience, I bring high-level leadership and strategies to the table.

I am ready to help you to create an integrated marketing plan to embark on a journey towards the results you expect.


How to Grow A Business

Each business is different, so it is its marketing strategy and business plan.

From a deep market-analysis to the customer journey, and up to the editorial and activities calendars. We work with you, step by step. We help you to achieve the best results with an optimized budget.

Do you want to take this exciting journey with us? Sure thing! We stay to edit and update your plan and activities as your market evolves.

Process Overview

  • We assess your business. We learn from your experience and troubleshoot.
  • Then we assess your goals, are they reachable?
  • We learn about your market.


  • We analyze your target customers’ purchase journey.
  • We split the big goals into smaller areas of opportunity.
  • We define the tools and activities.


  • Then we set up milestones.
  • We create a calendar.
  • Time to Rock ‘n Roll! Let’s move forward.
  • Quarterly/Monthly updates & tweaks.

What to Expect

My website was a disaster; I told Monica if she could help me and it was a relief.

In short time, I had all the information reviewed and updated, ALL the photos were added with dynamism and in the correct place; she designed a more formal yet modern layout, and she is always looking to help me.

Thanks, Monica, it’s a great job, I am thrilled.

Josefina Martin Olcina

Founder & CEO, Pet Concepts


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Web Strategy Case Study

Pet Concepts is a foundation in Mexico.

They rescue dogs and cats. Then they check on their health; they cure them if needed. They vaccinate them and neuter them.

As the last step, they get them a loving home.

Josefina needed an online presence that allowed her to handle everything form her phone. We made it happen!

Rescue, shelter, and hotel for dogs and cats. It’s online presence helps Josefina to manage everything an be in touch with her community from her phone.


Pet Concepts


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